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30+ Legal Documents for Aging Parents to Have In Order

Helpline Director Don Hill is interviewed by Scott Greenberg

Don Hill the Area Agency on Aging's Helpline Director is Scott Greenberg's guest on Scott's radio show Oh, My God, I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mom.

Why aren't more people comparison shopping for health plans?

Press Release: United Way of Palm Beach County Provides Funding for Senior Meals

West Palm Beach, FL – As a component of the Palm Beach County Hunger Relief Initiative and the Area Agency on Aging’s mission to feed hungry seniors in the community, United Way of Palm Beach County has provided the Area Agency on Aging with funding to distribute 15,004 home-delivered meals to seniors in Palm Beach County.

Travel with dementia experts from any computer on the Virtual BRAIN BUS

10 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Older Adults

Older Americans Act RFP Awards


Stop Unemployment Fraud by Staying Vigilant


Share Your Experience with SNAP

Share Your Experience with SNAP  

2021 FL State Health Assessment Provider & Resident Surveys

The Health Council of Southeast Florida along with all of the local health councils in Florida, is working with a diverse array of partners to develop the 2021 Florida State Health Assessment and the 2022-2026 Florida State Health Improvement Plan. A major component of this process is to gather the perspectives of Florida residents, as well as those who provide, coordinate or manage health care for Florida residents.          

Elder financial abuse is a multibillion-dollar problem

Elder Update

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Livable Communities Newsletter

The Livable Communities e-newsletter is a bi-monthly publication that shares resources and best practices of Florida's Age-Friendly communities.

Elder Rights Radio Interview with Scott Greenberg

Jameel Edney with the Area Agency on Aging's Elder Rights Center talks about elder fraud, abuse and exploitation in his interview with Scott Greenberg on Scott's radio show Oh, My God, I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mom.

Fraud Alert

Be On the Lookout for COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

After the Crime - What should I do now?

If you think a criminal may still be nearby, CALL 911 immediately. If someone is hurt, seek medical attention. Do not approach the scene of the crime until you know it is safe. Contact the police right away to report any suspected crime. If the crime is a burglary or theft, do not touch anything until police have had a chance to inspect the area.

Making a Safety Plan

You are the expert on your own situation. This guide is designed to help you plan ahead to stay safe in dangerous situations. It is important to think about your options and focus on what you know and what you need.

Press Release: Secretary of Elder Affairs Richard Prudom thanks the Aging Network and Funders for Life-Changing Work

West Palm Beach, FL – In a typical week in February of this year, 13,058 seniors in the five-county service area received meals at either a congregate meal site or at home with home delivered meals. The week of May 10th the Aging Network Partners provided nearly 40,000 meals to seniors. This represents an incredible 207% increase.

Press Release: Aging Network at Work Feeding Homebound Seniors

West Palm Beach, FL – The Aging Network of Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast is receiving federal stimulus funding to support 60+ seniors with food during COVID-19. The Area Agency on Aging of Palm Beach/Treasure Coast (Agency) is ensuring the funding goes to support homebound seniors in a 5-county area under a contract with Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs.

Press Release: Stimulus Dollars Provide Meals for More Seniors

Press Release: Stimulus Dollars Provide Meals for More Seniors

Reduce Your Risk of Tax Identity Theft

It is officially tax season, and that can also mean scam season. The article below outlines some tips and information you can use to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of tax identity theft.